Individual & Professional 

A symbiotic partnership. Fueled by curiosity and determination.

Sharna works with individuals, spanning the spectrum from CEOs to brand new coaches.  Her warm, insightful approach helps people design and attain their goals, grow their skills, and live the lives they dream of. 

She shows up authentically and without judgment, to allow for the unfolding of an organic process with each client. Individual coaching involves holding space for what is, articulating future goals and desires, and creating a road map to personal fulfillment and success..  Bringing her intuitive nature, decades' of experience, and passion Sharna generates positive change to each partnership. 

Sharna works with individuals to take a deep and honest look at the past, a fearless inventory of the present, and an expansive imagining of the future. Once this framework is in place, a tangible and workable plan is created to move individual clients toward their goals.

Thorough, meaningful development plans for corporations with substance.

Sharna works with a wide range of organizations that are interested in developing strong internal leaders and cultural Influencers, strengthening teams, or building internal coaching programs.  From Fortune 500 companies like Google, Marriott and Oracle to non-profits like YMCA, Girls for Change and Africa Library Project, Sharna develops and delivers the programs to help meet her clients’ business needs. 

Sharna combines her sharp insight, extensive experience, and inherent innovation to create coaching programs and implement leadership development models in corporate settings. Corporate coaching provides pathways to growth for employees, teams, leadership staff, and the corporation as a whole by addressing:

  • Individual fulfillment on both personal and professional levels
  • Critical thinking
  • Relationship building
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Leadership training and development
  • Goal and mission clarification
  • Action plan implementation

Sharna's corporate coaching program brings professional empowerment together with skill development and clear action plans to produce tangible, measurable success within the corporate model.





Speaking Engagements

Sharna is an artful presenter whose authenticity and humor develops instant rapport with audiences.

A skilled facilitator and trainer, Sharna’s presence and delivery ignites possibility.